Archaeologist says: The mining history begins with Cayonu

Archaeologist says: The mining history begins with Cayonu

Cayonu Hill is a neolithic settlement in the northern Ergani district, where residents transformed their lives from nomadic to settled.. Pieces of copper beads, jewelry first discovered in Cayonu Hill in Diyarbakir, says archeology expert

Turkey's southeastern province of Diyarbakir, home to ancient civilizations, offers an insight into history with archeological excavations.

The settlement, which shed light on the history of civilization in addition to regional history with its 10,000-year background, arises interest for travelers by offering a rich cultural and historical experience.

Archaeological excavations on the site started in 1964 but was suspended in 1991 for security reasons.

Excavation restated four years ago after a 24-year break and this year a team of 29 have been carrying out activities in the region.

"The mining history begins with Cayonu" Asli Erim Ozdogan, head of the archeology department at 18 Mart Canakkale University told Anadolu Agency.

Ozdogan said it is the first time in the region that pieces of copper beads and jewelry were achieved through heating copper.

Referring to the pre-existing discovery of house-like tombs, she said there are skulls and bones of 400 people in the “Skull Building.”

"We also observe different tomb structures in this house,” she added, highlighting that these structures give great information about local people.

She stressed that the average life of local people in the Neolithic age was 35, according to remains.

Noting that the excavation is financed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, she said it is the aim to turn the site into an open air museum.


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