British Museum director Hartwig Fischer  resigns

British Museum director Hartwig Fischer resigns

British Museum director steps down over stolen items. Stolen treasures include gold jewelry, gems of semiprecious stones and glass dating from 15th century BC to 19th century AD -

British Museum Director Hartwig Fischer on Friday announced his resignation after treasures were stolen from the institution.

In a statement, Fischer said that the Museum "did not respond as comprehensively as it should have" in response to the warnings in 2021.

"The responsibility for that failure must ultimately rest with the director," he added.

On Aug. 16, the British Museum said that it had sacked a staff member and took legal action after items were discovered to be missing, stolen, or damaged.

The items included gold jewelry and gems of semi-precious stones and glass dating from the 15th century BC to the 19th century AD, said a statement from the museum, which is one of Britain’s largest tourist attractions.

"I have offered my resignation to the Chairman of the Trustees, and will step down as soon as the board have established an interim leadership arrangement," said Fischer.

Last week, media reports claimed that treasures that went missing from the British Museum are being auctioned online for as low as $50.

Martin Henig, a specialist in engraved gems, also said that the British Museum was warned about thefts several years ago.

Fischer said: "The situation facing the Museum is of the utmost seriousness. I sincerely believe it will come through this moment and emerge stronger, but sadly I have come to the conclusion that my presence is proving a distraction."

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